Down Unther

Plot Synopsis: The year is 1342 DR. You leave your mundane but comfortable life to become a mercenary for the largest trade guild in Faerûn’s greatest Mageocracy. Your first task as a mercenary is to escort cargo on a ship to Unther, but that is only a cover story. Once you arrive in Unther you will disembark and perform an on the ground investigation for ancient sites that may have magic and other secrets your guild will pay handsomely for. You are also informed by your guild that Lauzoril, Zulkir of Enchantment, will pay a little extra if you discreetly lend assistance to the slave class in their uprising against the god king Gilgeam. What exactly is Zulkir Lauzoril planning? Your superiors want to know. You may find allies in the Molhorandi clergy or even the Church of Tiamat who the populace looks to as goodly deities compared to the oppressive god king. There are 10 major government and religious factions with dozens more minor ones to ally with or play against each other while conducting your archaeological exploration mission across Unther. Prepare to go beyond swords and sorcery to the ultimate game of cloak and dagger.

Chessenta and Unther

Game Details

  • GM with 37 years experience. 38 years playing TTRPGs starting with Red Box D&D (GM Bio Here)
  • System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition
  • Session 1 scheduled Tuesday 6/21/2023 9pm-12am ET (GMT-4). Quad-weekly
  • Duration: 3 hour min up to a good stopping point
  • Player Choice: Fantasy Grounds VTT or Theater of the Mind (GM drives your VTT)
  • Syrinscape SuperSyrin included for music and sound effects
  • Custom maps made in Campaign Cartographer
  • Original quests and side quests
  • Campaign wiki with over 200 entries and growing
  • Characters may be from the AD&D Player's Handbook or Faiths and Avatars
  • Drop in Campaign Friendly with West Marches show up when you are able flexibility.
  • Episodic style play.
  • Preferred styles are the Actor, the Explorer, the Storyteller, the Thinker, and the Watcher.
  • Not good fit are the Power Gamer, the Instigator, or the Slayer.
  • Session will be recorded and text generated for current and future joiners to see what has already been accomplished.
  • Email address required for access to wiki and documents. You may use a throw away or address.

Safety & Conduct

  • 18+ Only
  • Generally PG-13 but may be Rated-R, TV-MA, or M for Mature at times with themes similar to Conan,  Beastmaster, The Barbarian Bros. Etc.
  • No censorship of canon lore or “modernizing” the setting. See the people of Faerûn in all their glory and horror.
  • Refrain from discussing any real world privacy matters such as weather where you live, who you work for, that great restaurant in downtown <REDACTED> that you love to eat at etc.
  • Refrain from discussing politics, sports, and other off topic matters.
  • No personal attacks against other players
  • GM reserves the right to remove anyone for misconduct or harassment

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