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A Game to Die For

The only son of a patriar family in the Upper City of Baldur's Gate has gone missing. The family, fearing the worst, turns to the Red Wizard Detective Agency in the Thayan Enclave of the Upper City for help. The boy and his friends spend most of their time in the Lower City posing as commoners and the family fears kidnappers may know his routine. The truth about his friends is even stranger than his role playing hobby. Some wealthy families play with fire making intrigue a game to die for.

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Cold Case

A vigilante is on the loose in Icewind Dale. Then there are vigilantes out to get the vigilantes. Murder for hire contracts are unsophisticated. Instead those in the know go to the authorities and work within the system. This adventure is an alternative to Cold-Hearted Killer framed as a detective mystery working with authorities to uncover the root of the vigilante's motivations and prevent the killing spree by addressing their concerns within the law. Join with the Red Wizard Detective Agency, a subsidiary of the Thayan Guild of Foreign Trade, in solving a murder mystery.

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