Rime of the Frozenfar

Plot Synopsis: The Thayan Guild of Foreign Trade along with the Temple of Oghma and the Order of Magists and Protectors have found evidence of a lost Netherese city in the frozen northwest. The three organizations are sending archeologists to begin excavation while scouts explore the surrounding area for more ruins. The Frozenfar is a desolate area on the frontier of civilization. The folk of Ten-Towns do not trust outsiders. Can you and the archeologists navigate the politics of communities that do not trust each other the way you navigate the frozen wilderness?

Map of Frozenfar

Game Details

  • Duration: 3 hour min up to a good stopping point
  • Player Choice: Fantasy Grounds VTT or Theater of the Mind (GM drives your VTT)
  • Syrinscape SuperSyrin included for music and sound effects
  • Custom maps made in Campaign Cartographer
  • Original quests and side quests
  • Campaign wiki with over 200 entries and growing
  • Characters may be from the AD&D Player's Handbook or Faiths and Avatars
  • Drop in Campaign Friendly with West Marches show up when you are able flexibility.
  • Episodic style play.
  • Preferred styles are the Actor, the Explorer, the Storyteller, the Thinker, and the Watcher.
  • Not good fit are the Power Gamer, the Instigator, or the Slayer.
  • Session will be recorded, and text generated for current and future joiners to see what has already been accomplished.
  • Email address required for access to wiki and documents. You may use a throw away gmail.com or outlook.com address.

Safety & Conduct

  • 18+ Only
  • Generally PG-13 but may be Rated-R, TV-MA, or M for Mature at times with themes similar to Conan,  Beastmaster, The Barbarian Bros. Etc.
  • No censorship of canon lore or “modernizing” the setting. See the people of Faerûn in all their glory and horror.
  • Refrain from discussing any real world privacy matters such as weather where you live, who you work for, that great restaurant in downtown <REDACTED> that you love to eat at etc.
  • Refrain from discussing politics, sports, and other off topic matters.
  • No personal attacks against other players
  • GM reserves the right to remove anyone for misconduct or harassment

Onboarding and Payment Per Session

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