What is a Herald Leadership Campaign

What is a Herald leadership campaign in Dungeons & Dragons or other fantasy TTRPGs set in the Forgotten Realms? A Herald leadership campaign is a narrative arc where the characters engage in the intricate and influential world of heraldry, navigating the complex social hierarchy of Faerûn. Unlike Mercantile leaders who focus on trade and commerce or Military leaders who command armies, Heralds wield power through knowledge and recognition. They are the arbiters of noble identity, the keepers of lineages, and the enforcers of heraldic law.

 Heralds have a unique role within the realms. They do not amass wealth like Mercantile leaders, nor do they command troops like Military leaders. Instead, they hold a different kind of authority—one that comes from their control over symbols and status. A Herald's word can validate a noble's claim or strip them of their ancestral rights. This power, though less visible than that of a sword or coin, is no less potent.

 At the heart of a Herald's duties is the regulation of blazons—shield emblems representing both noble and common houses, and identifying organizations. Heralds ensure that these symbols are not falsely claimed or improperly used, maintaining the integrity of lineages. They work with artists to craft new blazons, serve as criers announcing news at public events, and act as the designers who regulate the display of these symbols. Beyond this, they are genealogical clerks, sometimes working with local authorities to manage census and tax records, or challenging corrupt officials who manipulate such information for their gain. In a Herald leadership campaign, one might find themselves uncovering fraudulent claims to nobility, negotiating the creation of a new blazon for a rising house, or even navigating the political intrigue that comes with their position of power. The campaign offers a web of opportunities, where the pen can indeed be mightier than the sword.

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