What is a Spiritual Leadership Campaign?

A spiritual campaign in the Dungeons & Dragons TTRPG and the Forgotten Realms has many similarities with other types of campaigns such as military leadership campaigns or frontier leadership campaigns. Like many other campaign types, the adventurer may find themselves drawn into a spiritual leadership position as part of their hero’s journey.

An adventurer may be called upon by one or more of the gods to carry out missions beneficial to the deity and the faith. One does not need to start their career in the clergy. A warrior may gain the attention of those who serve Tempus, Lord of Battles. A wizard may gain the attention of Mystra, Goddess of Magic. This may even if the adventurer did not set out to gain the attention of the divine realm. Their heroic deeds may also influence the followers of certain deities to hold them as an example of living their life to the deity’s creed. It is quite possible that one could become a spiritual leader without seeking that responsibility.

What does a spiritual leader do? At the most basic level the spiritual leader supports the message of one or more deities. This could mean spreading the word of the deity or protecting those of the faith from harm during pilgrimages. In many large cities the authorities will protect a business or temple only on the outside. Security inside the building is the responsibility of the business owner or the temple. A spiritual leader may be responsible for the protection of the priests and visitors that wish to pay homage to the deity. A spiritual leader on the frontier may build a new shrine or temple with the intent of attracting followers.

A spiritual leadership campaign is another diversion from dungeon crawling and monster slaying. It can have many elements of wilderness exploration and taming. Political intrigue is also present and may include not only politics within the spiritual organization but that where it intersects with the secular politics of the ruling council or monarch. It is another of many ways to become an influential leader in the community.