Using Story Templates To Generate Height and Weight

Story Templates in Fantasy Grounds are a powerful feature that can save you time and effort in creating NPCs. In this example we will create a Story Template that will create random height and weight for a Shield dwarf male. After following this guide you will be able to make similar resources for other races in Faerûn.

For this example, we will need  Races of Faerûn and Fantasy Grounds Unity.

On p17 we have the height and weight stats for the Shield dwarf. We will begin by creating a table in Fantasy Grounds to mimic the table in Races of Faerûn.

Make table called ShieldDwarfMalePhysical


Col1: 50

Col2: [2d4]

Col3: 145

Col4: [2d6]

There will be only one entry on this table. We will set the die roll range to 1-1.

Col1 is the base height. Here we will enter 50 inches.

Col 2 is the random adjustment. Here we will enter [2d4]. Be sure to use the square brackets which will instruct Fantasy Grounds to treat as a die roll.

Col 3 is the base weight of a Shield dwarf male which is 145

Col 4 is the modifier to the weight which is [2d6]

Next, we will create our story template.


Height: [{#Test|1#}+{#Test|2#}] in.

Weight: [{#Test|3#}+{#Test|2#}*{#Test|4#}] lbs.

The first line selects our table and stores it in the variable Test while hiding the output.

The Height line adds the base height and the modifier together.

The Weight line rolls the 2d6 modifier and multiplies it by the height modifier from the Height line. It then adds this to the base weight.

When we click Generate on the Story Template we get the following output:

Height: 56 in.

Weight: 181 lbs.

Story Templates are a powerful tool for creating NPCs or environments. With a little time and input from Races of Faerûn you can quickly create NPC profiles with only a few clicks.